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Single or in a Relationship: An argumentative essay

“Being a normal teenager means you have to be in a relationship with someone special.” That common saying may contain some truth, but having someone special related to a boyfriend or girlfriend is not the factor to be a normal teenager. Despite the good of being in a relationship, being single as a teenager gives more impact.
Firstly, teenagers feel lonely in boredom. Having someone special makes you ignore how lonely you are in boredom. You can contact your special one and share any topic anytime as agreed before. If your special one is not there for you anytime, he must be out there thinking of you, feeling sorry, and trying to create a good time anyway. On the other hand, being single may cause you feel lonely in boredom often, because you don’t know what to do yourself. But, you can actually defeat your loneliness in boredom by communicating with your buddies, even making a good time with your family, or just doing your hobby, assignments, and other things meaningful.
Secondly, having someone special can make you feel special or lucky. Unlike being single, you may feel unlucky because of not being recognized as in love with your crush, teenagers tend to rush about recognition. You may also think that you are not important enough and look imperfect to someone. Those nasty thoughts you made yourself won’t lead you to maturity. Being single doesn’t mean you are not special because there have been those loving you anyways, good friends and family, even mighty God.
Thirdly, you will learn to treat someone well. There are problems you may face in a relationship. That’s why you and your special one will always try to keep your relationship. You both try to trust each other, be patient, or even be honest about your feelings and opinions. Nevertheless, you can also learn about trust, patience, and honesty in your family, groups, or even communities.
Lastly, your special one could be your motivation. Laziness may cause failure at achieving goals. No worries because you special one would support you by forcing you to work hard, cheering you up, and giving you any present making you in a good mood. Yet, you want to please your parents, don’t you? No matter how your parents’ support for you is, you should always be motivated to be a good child for them.

To put the whole things in a nutshell, being a normal teenager doesn’t always mean having to have someone special. There are other things more meaningful to be done as a teenager, especially pleasing God by pleasing your parents. In many ways, you can kill your loneliness and realize how special you are.

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