Minggu, 02 Maret 2014

I fell in love with Keroncong

How today became different, I searched for “Keroncong” without purpose on google. It was fun enough to download original songs from Indonesia, yes “Keroncong”.
Bandar Jakarta, Sapu Tangan, Jembatan Merah, Dayung Sampan, Keroncong Kemayoran, and surely Bengawan Solo are great songs by Gesang. Keroncong music is so nice!

Bengawan Solo
by Gesang

Bengawan Solo
Riwayatmu ini
Sedari dulu jadi
Perhatian insani

Musim kemarau
Tak seberapa airmu
Dimusim hujan air
Meluap sampai jauh

Mata airmu dari Solo
Terkurung gunung seribu
Air meluap sampai jauh
Dan akhirnya ke laut

Itu perahu
Riwayatnya dulu
Kaum pedagang selalu
Naik itu perahu

Listen and download here:

"Bengawan Solo" is my favourite keroncong song, I find the lyrics so touching. The instruments are in harmony. I listened to it at times, wow.
Through the lyrics I knew how special and beautiful the River Bengawan Solo was. Frankly I have never been to Bengawan Solo which is located in Solo-Middle Java-Indonesia, so I looked for the picture of it on google.

in the past

in the present

Well, I cannot understand with those living near the River Bengawan Solo. They exactly know how special the river is but then they have not really preserved it.
However, it is their problem. My turn is to stay in love with Keroncong Music originally coming from Indonesia, my beloved land.

Jumat, 28 Februari 2014

Hand in hand: Homosexuals in Indonesia and the right identity

Some people were born with high levels of hormone causing their sexual drive is also high. Those with high libidos are often unable to channel their sexual orientation. It is the main factor causing their sexual orientation in error, in which they are not interested in opposite sex, but same sex and other things making them satisfied sexually.
Having the right identity is a must for the sake of continuing life. In life they need health insurance, chance to study and work, and so on. Unfortunately, it is still uncertain whether it is right to be homosexual. In Indonesia, there is no law to do with homosexuality. They become in crisis of identity and get pressure, inside-outside.
In Jakarta, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgendered, and transsexuals are legally labeled as "cacat" or mentally handicapped. Homosexuals have human error when their identity are not right forever and it may cause moral disorder in the future.
Laura Coppens, a film producer from Berlin who is making a film about lesbian women in Indonesia called the "Children of Srikandi," thinks most Indonesians are generally tolerant towards homosexuals but prefer not to talk about it because of the strong culture of shame or malu in Indonesia. The strong feeling of malu is very important in the Indonesian society, says Coppens who is also writing a thesis at the University of Z├╝rich on lesbian women in Indonesia.
Culture of shame in Indonesia somehow creates difficulty in making the homosexuals who are just fine carrying their label realized and retreated. Most indonesian people tend to avoid them or stay with them without effort to make them normal again. Some have tried to remind them and advise them, but have failed at times then decided not to help them.
Some homosexuals’ argument is that they want to be normal, but complicated. Others say that they don’t want to be normal because they pretend to be cool and follow their wrong choices.
However, they should have the right identity as humans, Indonesians, or just the way they are. As Indonesians, they must obey Pancasila, in which following one of six religions recognized; Islam, Protestant, Catholic, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Konghuchu, simply means knowing what is right based on each religion while the law for homosexuals is in process of becoming certain.

Getting back the right identity or normal is truly complicated, yet unity simply means helping one another to reach what is right. Hand in hand, practically helping homosexuals to keep on trying becoming normal is a must before the moral disorder does exist in the future of Indonesia.