Rabu, 10 Juli 2013


Hello friends :)

I feel lucky to have today. There is always a chance to say "HI" to dreams and people around me.
Fortunately, I can start today with a new hope.
Let our heart give thanks to the Lord for today. You are today still having a chance to breathe.

So, how are you today?
I always meet people saying "I'm good" or "I'm okay" whenever I ask them this question.
Commonly, people say so.
Never want to be common ! Be different, OK?
Can't they realise that they have a special gift today? They can do their daily routines because God gives them a new day?
They should say  "I'm very good"
Why do I say so?
I want you guys to feel lucky and thankful in every situation and condition. There's so much things to be thankful for, right?
Do you know that the way you respond any question makes impact?
You know, we are born to please God by making people around us smile.
The way we respond others could influence anyone talking with us. So, never stop trying to be spirited in giving response. Try to look happy !! Your effort to look like that helps you feel better.

So, whatever the situation is, try to look happy ^.^

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